We hire UD undergraduate and graduate students.

Tutoring is available in four formats: one-on-one tutoring is the only type with a fee. Our drop-in, Study Group, and PASS sessions are FREE!

  • Check to see if the *FULL* indicator is displayed next to the tutor’s name in the TUTORFIND directory. If so, you will need to reach out to a different tutor, this individual has reached capacity.
  • Allow a window of 48 hours to pass, then send a friendly follow-up email/call. Remember our tutors are students as well and may be busy.
  • If there is still no response, please email our office to file a complaint. We do hold our tutors accountable for prompt responses and great customer service.
    • Please include in your email:
      • name of the tutor(s)
      • time the request was made
      • date the request was made
      • number or email used to make contact
      • a copy of the message request sent to the tutor via text or email
      • your name and needs

We have 3 locations for drop-in tutoring:

During the week:

  • Central Campus: Center for Academic Success (148-150 S. College Ave.)

On Sundays:

  • North Campus: Christina Commons (1 Christiana Dr, Newark, DE 19717)
  • East Campus: Harrington Hall A, (South Academy Street, Harrington Complex Residence Hall)

Review the Making the Most of Tutoring Services page, there you will recommendations on how to prepare/what to expect in a session.

First, check our other tutoring service schedules to see if any other support is being offered. If not, feel free to Contact Us  with details about your needs. We will do our best to to find you support. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a tutor will be found for every subject.


The (*FULL*) indicator is displayed next to a name in the TUTORFIND directory when the tutor has reached tutoring capacity limits. This means the tutor is no longer accepting new students at the time you are requesting; please contact a different tutor on the directory list for the subject of interest. Be aware the directory is updated weekly.

Please use Rate My Tutor to give us feedback on both good and bad experiences. The feedback you provide is helpful in giving our tutors constructive anonymous feedback!

Tutors are only allowed to charge the listed fees. Contact Us if you need to file a complaint.


The in-person workshops give a broader overview than the online, but the presenter can elaborate/respond to questions as they arise; the online workshops have more detail (and examples), but there is no way to ask questions.

In-person workshops are generally designed to be 50-60 minutes long.

Please use the Workshop Request Form to express your interest in a workshop for your group. Minimum number of attendees=10.

Absolutely. If it lies within our area of expertise, we are happy to personalize our presentation for your students. Please allow one month’s lead time.

Each workshop has a Putting it into Practice page that creates something that can be turned in to the instructor.

Academic Support

Our staff member will discuss the student’s responses to the Academic Intake Form, sharing resources and making recommendations for strengthening their performance.

Refer them to our website or send them to our office at 148-150 S. College Ave. If you would like us to reach out, you may make a referral through a Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC) Alert.

SkilMod Classes

Rather than pulling our instructor from the faculty, our team is made up of UD professional staff and others with a strong commitment to our students’ success.

No. These are regular, credit-bearing courses—you will register (and pay) for them just like you do any other class.