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What is THRIVE?

THRIVE coordinated by the University of Delaware’s Office of Academic Enrichment is a student success initiative that was established in Spring 2023 for pell-eligible students.


Academic Coaching

One-on-one academic coaching to assist students with improving their time management, test- and note-taking pointers, effective organizational tools, and so much more!

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Complimentary Tutoring

Receive 10 FREE tutoring sessions per semester.

Experiential Learning

Attend workshops, conferences, and networking events to increase real world exposure to broaden your perspective.

Winter and Summer Funding Opportunities

Financial assistance specifically for THRIVE students planning to take a UD course during the Winter and Summer Sessions.

Summer Session Aid Opportunities

THRIVE students in need of aid are encouraged to apply for financial support for the 2024 Summer Session.

The THRIVE  tuition aid and stipend support applications are open.

Winter Session Aid Opportunities

Winter Session aid for THRIVE students will be posted October 2024.

Note: The University of Delaware’s Student Crisis Fund supports eligible students who face a serious financial hardship due to an unanticipated crisis.

Winter & Summer THRIVE Aid

As a benefit of being a THRIVE student, if there is a need for financial support while taking a Winter or Summer Session course students may apply for financial support.

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor and Academic Success Coach to discuss their academic progress and need for financial assistance.

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Take Advantage of THRIVE’s FREE Tutoring Sessions

“Talking through my goals and learning how to stay organized and schedule my time was super helpful.”

Natalie Guida | Marketing freshman

"The opportunity that the thrive program provided me is one I’ll be forever grateful for. I was able to have a truly life changing experience which changed the way I think, perceive, and act. My participation in the trip would not have been possible without the support of Thrive."

Juan Aguinaga | Communications sophomore, studying abroad in South Africa

"As I reflect on my journey, I am filled with gratitude for the generosity of the opportunities afforded to me that have made this experience possible. In conclusion, my study abroad experience in Morocco isn't just a chapter; it expanded my horizons."

Amayah Sullins | Criminal Justice freshman, studying abroad in Morocco

THRIVE Student Feedback

“The program provided the best service and

members were very helpful.”

 “I feel very honored to have received this help for my future.”

“This was a wonderful opportunity for me to enhance my learning experience that it felt I was able to grow and keep growing. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Joanna Martin

Academic Program Manager

Anthony Carbone

THRIVE Program Liaison
Office Location

University of Delaware Office of Academic Enrichment THRIVE 

148-150 S. College Ave., Newark, DE 19716

Office Hours

Mondays & Wednesdays

10 a.m.-1 p.m.

THRIVE's Newsletter

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