At the Office of Academic Enrichment:

Beyond the offerings of the Office of Academic Enrichment, the University of Delaware provides additional academic assistance for undergraduates. These include:

Study Skills Resources Beyond OAE:

We are proud of the resources we provide at the OAE…but there is so much more out there! If you are looking for something more or something different, explore the possibilities through the links below. If you’ve found something you think would be a good addition to what we’ve found, please contact us–we appreciate your ideas.

  • How to Remember Anything Forever-ish. For classes where you need to memorize a lot of words or concepts, using a technique called Spaced Repetition is a really effective and evidence-based learning strategy. This link will take you to an interactive comic tutorial about how to use Spaced Repetition.
  • How to Remember More of What You Learn with Spaced Repetition. This is another source explaining Spaced Repetition. It explains the science behind forgetting and describes, in detail, how you can practice Spaced Repetition. It also recommends some apps if you prefer to learn with technology.
  • Self-Testing. Learn about why testing yourself is such an effective learning strategy, and learn about specific self-testing methods.

  • ADHD and Motivation: Learn why it can be so hard to get started on a task and get suggestions for approaches that can make it easier.
  • 6 Reasons People Procrastinate. This document from Oregon State University gives reasons you might avoid getting started, questions to ask yourself, and strategies for changing your thinking and habits. 

  • Crash Course. Crash Course is a YouTube channel with playlists about…well, almost any subject you might be studying, from Math to Physics, Anatomy to Astronomy, Theater, Business, History, and so on. These videos can give you a solid introduction to or review of introductory level courses.

  • Professor Dave Explains Math. Professor Dave has videos about Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, etc. For pretty much any math concept you might struggle with, he’s got an easy to understand, helpful video about it. He’s also got videos about Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc. See other sections for links to those playlists.
  • Introduction to Computer Science. An open course from Harvard from Professor Asim Ali, these lectures have rave reviews. 
  • Science with Tyler DeWitt. This channel has easy-to-understand videos about a variety of introductory Chemistry topics.

Try this excellent set of suggestions from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Tips for Effective Studying in Groups.

Don’t have a group yet? Students who need assistance connecting with other classmates to take advantage of our free tutor visits to study groups can email with the name and course number of the class, instructor name, and section number. As soon as there are 3 interested students, the office will contact you (note: your email address will be shared with other group members).