A Virtual Experience

A FREE tutor can visit your personal (3 to 6 person) study group at your convenience. Our tutors can assist the group with helping to review material and prepare for exams. The request form is below; identify a leader to make the request on behalf of the group of classmates or friends. Note: this is meant to be an occasional service—ongoing weekly sessions are NOT available.

Students who need assistance connecting with other classmates to take advantage of this opportunity should email Sandy McFoy at smcfoy@udel.edu with the name and course number of the class, instructor name , and section  number. As soon as there are 3 interested students Sandy will contact you. Please be advised your email address will be shared with other group members.

Priority is given to subjects that do not have alternative services available (i.e. drop-in services or the PASS program). Tutors are available to groups of students currently enrolled in UD courses. 

  1. Designate a group leader to be the main contact person for the group.
  2. Have the group leader collect the names and emails of ALL students who would like to participate in the group session.
  3. Identify a minimum of 3 preferred dates/times for your requested session, then complete the form.
  1. OAE will search for an available tutor for the dates indicated on the form (allow a minimum of 10 business days).
  2. When a tutor is secured, we will contact the entire group via email to share details (campus location, time).
  3. If we cannot find a match for the requested dates/times, we will contact the group leader to identify new ones (completing a request form does not GUARANTEE tutor availability for the dates/times requested).
  4. If the tutor has specific questions prior to the session date, we will connect them with the group leader.

Sessions are designed to be in a Q&A format: the study group will collectively try to solve problems and/or work through concepts with the support of the tutor. The tutor will assist in student understanding by explaining practice problems and/or concepts, but the tutor WILL NOT complete homework. Please come to the session with specific questions and concerns in mind to review.

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Our online form allows you to easily request a tutor for a study group.