The Office of Academic Enrichment provides workshops on time management and various study skills to the UD community in person and online:

Virtual Workshops

In-Person Workshops

The Office of Academic Enrichment offers an in-person workshop series in collaboration with University Studies, which is offered in the fall and spring semesters on the following topics (Workshop Schedule). As UD has moved online for the time being, we recommend that you take advantage of our online workshops, below.

  • Time Management: Tools for making your workload manageable, rather than letting it overwhelm you.
  • Note-Taking: Strategies for recording class information in ways that prepare you for success on exams.
  • Reading Strategies: Making the most of your textbook reading.
  • Test-Taking: Maximizing your success on exams.
  • Preparing for Finals: Managing time and focusing on study strategies for success.
  • Academic Planning for “Major” Decisions: Strategies for choosing and declaring a major.
  • Academic Management: Understanding UD’s policies and how they impact your grades (facilitated by University Studies Advisors).
  • Navigating the UD Curriculum: Helpful information on the registration process (navigating the online catalog, using other resources; facilitated by University Studies Advisors).

Requesting a Workshop

We are happy to provide workshops upon request for faculty/staff and student groups. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will work with you to tailor our presentation.

Online Workshops

The Office of Academic Enrichment’s online workshop series covers the following topics:

Each workshop includes a pre-assessment, a Putting it into Practice component, and an opportunity to evaluate your effectiveness in applying the strategies presented.

Study Skills Principles in a Nutshell: The Path to Success