The Office of Academic Enrichment

Class of: 2025
Tutoring since: Winter 2023
Major(s): Biomedical Engineering
Position(s) Held:
  • Individual Tutor
Tutor for:
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish

Fun Facts

Hi! I’m Christopher and I’m from Newark, Delaware. At UD I’m the current treasurer of Assistive Medical Technologies and I help out at the BioEng Movement Biomechanics Lab. I spend a lot of time studying with my friends – I basically live in Perkins – and in my free time I like to visit the rock wall at the gym, listen to music, and get outside when I can. As a Biomedical Engineering major, I have experience with several science, math, and computer science classes that many students take in their first few semesters. I can also assist with Spanish!